• Posted by: Junior

    Jan 06, 14

    Having access to the merebms feeds, I have subscribed to the posts only feed and the link list, seperately, which results in a less retrenched’ feel.> Google Reader prevented me from getting my merebms-feed.There are a few ways around it, Yahoo! pipes is one. It’s what I have used since becoming a paid-up member.> So far as I know, the problems Gruber is facing are real. I think he?s put a lot of thought into it.Google Reader has been around longer than the authenticated feed option that Gruber introduced. It’s been a problem since then. Gruber uses an iPhone and as mentioned, it’s reader doesn’t support authenticated feeds.People have asked on and off for months and within a month of the iPhone release? Boom. Sorted.Sorry, but if Google Reader was the only problem, we’d continue to be in the same situation as has been the case for months. Gruber is a great read, really, some good stuff. But the latest change is very much because of the iPhone, because he has stoically refused to look at any alternative (his recommendation was to not use Google Reader) until now.

  • Posted by: Lyndee

    Jan 07, 14

    Hey, kiellr job on that one you guys!

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