• Posted by: jgustafe

    Nov 19, 09

    haha squirrelly love is the cutest one

  • Posted by: Muhammet

    Jan 07, 14

    singapore is definitely a fine city in all ways.its clean. its safe.(the sectiruy here sure is tight.)no air pollution.a developed country.good transport system.old and modern infrastructure.good museums.short time travelling from one place to another.good service.cosmopolitan.many different races and cultures.GOOD FOOD. you must try the food here! the varities due to multi races will blow you away… the must trys are hianese chicken rice(SUPER NICE!!!!)(chinese), roti prata(indian) the prata here is very different from the others and satay(malay) something like karbab but slighty different. and last but not least the definitely must try…. PANDAN CAKE. its a sponge cake that is light and is addded with pandan to create that distinct flavour. most tourists and celebrities from all over the world has totally fall in love with this local delicacy. try it and you’ll know. trust me. you will definitely regret if you dont’t. its so all, hope you have fun in singapore. do check out the malls here too. hope you could bring back some good hunts. all the best!katee, singapore.

  • Posted by: Lucas

    Jan 24, 14

    Hi Cheah, it is really yummy. The meat is so fulvourfal and tender, otherwise the kids in the house won’t finish it in one go. Should be nice with dried or wet noodles. Me too will try. I’ll make another batch as fillings for my steamed baos. [url=]irfnujpw[/url] [link=]ghhtwshhet[/link]

  • Posted by: Akufela

    Feb 04, 14

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  • Posted by: Judy

    Mar 01, 14

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  • Posted by: hansanak9

    Aug 29, 14

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